Welcome Singers and Parents!

From the studio of Christi Bovee

Voice lessons can help you...

--strengthen your voice

--widen your range

--increase your confidence

"Singer with a Glove" by Edgar Degas, c. 1878


I LOVE singers!  

I work with singers holistically, viewing their instrument in light of the 'big picture' of their life.  Each singer is an individual, and I trouble shoot with each person trying to get the most free and natural sound they can create.  There are techniques, however, that every human voice can benefit from as a foundation to proper sound production.  I'm a stickler for good technique...I want my singers to still be singing when they are 80!

As a rule, I prefer to start working with kids who are age 10 and above, but if you have a very mature child who is younger than this, I am willing to make a decision on a case by case basis.  

Students prepare for a two song CD recording session in December, and a recital in mid-May at a Woodland Park location. I work with many singers who struggle with crippling stage fright, so rest assured that recitals are not required.  Recital performance will only be encouraged when a student is truly ready mentally and emotionally, as well as musically. Summer session is a relaxed schedule that is based on when YOU are available. It is a GREAT opportunity to prepare for All State auditions!

For more information, please click on the 'Particulars' link above and get the details on policies and fees.  Click on the 'Register' link to get started! There is no obligation if you register. It just alerts us of your interest and puts you on the waiting list.

Looking forward to singing with YOU!

Christi Bovee