Why give our tiny business such a grand name as Pikes Peak Arts Academy? We had a dream!

Our hope in founding the PPAA thirteen years ago was to provide a space for arts education with gallery and performance space in Woodland Park that would outlive us. That is why we list ourselves as 'founders' and not 'owners'. We had big dreams for the Pikes Peak Arts Academy.

We wanted to draw private teachers up from the Springs to help kids and adults learn instruments and visual art forms not currently taught locally. Our dream was to see ensembles thrive that are not currently offered in the school district…orchestra, jazz ensembles of all kinds, specialty vocal ensembles and more. Hear us when we say: it has never been our intention to conflict with other arts programs or private arts instruction in Teller county, but rather to add value to the community by offering things that are different but can enhance current programs by equipping public school students with additional skills they can use in their arts classes at school. Our hearts are to create unity, never division.

After fourteen years of living in Woodland Park, raising our three children here and investing as much as we could into the arts and the hearts of artists locally, we still see huge potential for growth in the arts here in Teller County. Bottom line: We want to see the arts flourish here! We believe it can and MUST. The arts bring so much value to a community. We want to see more families attracted here and our school district enrollment grow again, etc.

Eventually, we wanted the PPAA to move into its own space. However, we have conceded that neither the market in Teller County, nor its citizens will currently support such an endeavor. We have spoken casually with city 'fathers' who have been very gracious to see us and give us their very frank feedback. It was the "Meh" heard 'round the world. This was sad for us at first, but we are now seeing the rejection as protection. There is nothing in motion for a PPAA facility, and we have put gaining PPAA's non-profit status and any grant writing on hold for the foreseeable future.

We will happily continue to serve our students and their families as part-time PPAA instructors for as long as we have interested students to teach out of our home studio in Woodland Park. We will also continue to perform as full-time musicians both locally, nationally and internationally. Looking ahead, we will only be putting our passionate efforts towards pursuits that are thriving in a measurable way.

That's the story of our little micro-business. Although our contribution to the community has been very tiny, it continues to be our honor to serve Teller County in this small way, and we look forward to a bright future of music-making personally and professionally that goes far beyond its borders. Now THAT is exciting!

Thanks for your interest! 

Christi and Mark Bovee