Christi Bovee has been singing professionally for over 25 years in both live performance and in logging many hours in the recording studio as a session and jingle singer. She has performed in everything from opera and musical theatre to rock bands, as well as voice over acting. She still performs with her musician husband, Mark Bovee, when they are not raising their three kids.  You can hear 'Simple', a recording featuring ten of their own original songs on iTunes and or catch her perform around the Front Range area with her jazz quartet, Pippa's Fling.

With over 25 years of teaching experience, Christi has coached vocalists of all ages, walks of life and musical styles, including the Jonas Brothers', Nicholas Jonas.

Christi's approach to teaching helps the student to:

--gain vocal mobility and volume without excessive pushing or forcing of the voice

--reduce straining, scooping and yelling in order to build a strong healthy vocal foundation through relaxation of the body and larynx, enabling a seamless blending of the chest and head (falsetto) voice

--sing all styles of music, with Classical technique and repertoire as the foundation

--achieve effortless tone placement

--prepare for live performance by learning to project while singing efficiently

--overcome mental blocks, fear and negative self-talk that impede the voice flowing freely

--learn valuable life skills that will give the student confidence

--and much more!